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Indian tortilla? Kind of…

July 11, 2017

Dosa with arugula, avocado and grilled chicken with melted Jack cheese

You can call it Tortilla in Mexico, Crepes in Paris, Galettes in Bretonne, Pizza in Italy or Blini in Russia, but basics are the same: it’s a pie with cheese and vegetable topping. The thickness of a crust or it’s crispiness doesn’t change the concept dramatically. South Indian DOSA uniqueness is in the dough made of lentil and rice flour. Does it differ from wheat flour pie? Yes, but not much. You feel it in the aftertaste if you pay attention.
Hampton Chutney Company in Amagansett offers a long list of dosas with different toppings including arugula, roasted tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and grilled chicken plus melted Jack cheese and spicy chutneys to remind you about the Indian origin of the menu.
When dosa is on your plate (in Hampton’s Chutney it’s actually a tray covered with thin paper), you can use standard utensils but I preferred to turn my dosa into a wrap. It happened to be really big, but I did like it. Size metter, right?
The place is as unpretencious as your beachfront shack in New England. You buy your food in the kitchen with the cash register and devour it at a wooden table under the trees surrounded by beautiful hydrangeas. What else do you need, man?

Hampton Chutney Co.
Amagansett, Long Island
6 Amagansett Square
(631) 267-3131

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