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Summer Scotch it is!

July 22, 2017


Somebody called 15 years Singleton Glendullan a Summer Scotch and after some drinking and thinking, I can’t agree more. It has pronounced smokiness and pit of a traditional single malt Scotch but it is so light, zesty and vibrant you can drink it near the pool instead of that useless rose. With my rather modest experience in whisky testing, I can hardly name you other so perfectly balanced Scotch, and it will be the brand I’m gonna take with me for the pool party tomorrow at my friend’s backyard.  Just FYI if you have questions about ‘double’ name on the label. The new owner of three distilleries (Glendullan just one of them), located in Speyside – way up North, selling them under the unifying banner of the Singleton. Other two are Dufftown and Glen Ord. Now try to memorize it mazafaza. While it’s closest neighbors are super famous Glenfiddich and Balvenie, Singleton has it’s own distinct character and I do love it.

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